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Beautiful, the natural destination of your event. The most awarded Brazilian ecotourism destination has a modern convention center for 1,500 people, hotel chain with over 4000 beds, airport, over 30 tourist attractions, incoming agencies and event support services. More information on the Nice Convention & Visitors Bureau website (bcvb.com.br) or Bonito Convention Center's website (ccbonito.com.br).

BEAUTIFUL WINTER FESTIVAL: last week of July or first week of August (visit www.festinbonito.com.br).

What services are available in Bonito?

The voltage is 110 volts, but we have taken some 220 Volts available at the front desk of the Inn Eye d'Água.

Cell phones (mobile phones) work well in the city; however, in most walks the signal is too weak or does not exist.

Bonito has three banks (Bank of Brazil, Bradesco and Sicredi) who rely on machines that perform most banking operations for 24 hours.

Pousada Olho d'Água accepts payment by credit cards (VISA, CREDICARD / MASTERCARD, DINERS and AMERICAN EXPRESS) and also in cash (Brazilian Reais, US Dólar or Euros). We do not accept checks.

In the center of town you can find markets, pharmacies, bakeries, petrol stations, photo labs, with sales, film processing, clothing and footwear shops, mechanics, Internet service providers, mail, newspaper stand and magazines, etc..

How to get to Bonito?

Land Transport: Our Travel Agency can arrange ground transportation services to Bonito, from anywhere in the state. You can also rent a car at Campo Grande International Airport or use the regular bus of Transportation Cruzeiro do Sul (www.cruzeirodosulms.com.br) - the only company that makes road transportation to Bonito.

The price of the tours in Bonito does not include shipping. Do not forget that you will need a vehicle for tours.

Air Taxi: In the Campo Grande International Airport there are several air taxi companies that can do service to Bonito (the flight takes about 50 minutes).

Bonito has an airport (BYO) served by two weekly flights TRIP (www.voetrip.com.br)

Campo Grande is served by regular flights from the main Brazilian airlines.

If you need any shuttle service Contact us.

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Where is Bonito?

Beautiful, with about 18,000 inhabitants, is located in the southwest of Mato Grosso do Sul (South Pantanal) in Brazil, 300 km from the international airport of Campo Grande, the state capital. Out of Campo Grande, the best option to reach Bonito is the BR 060, passing Sidrolândia Nioaque and Guia Lopes da Laguna.

For those coming from the Pantanal, access to Beautiful is through the MS-339, through Miranda and Bodoquena, a total of 125 Km.

The Mato Grosso do Sul time is one hour earlier than the official Brasilia time. When you enter the Mato Grosso do Sul not forget to set your watch to avoid confusion.